Productivity tools done right

Eliminating digital chaos is not easy. That’s why we have rolled up our sleeves and built a powerful little app with a toolset to help find what you are looking for, organize your content, and collaborate with your peers.

With Correlate’s productivity tools we give you the power and flexibility of more complex apps in an easy to use intuitive document-like layout. Organizing a project has never been easier.

Get work done with...


Structure files stored in different cloud accounts, all inside Correlate. Easily drag&drop your files into a Correlate Board, and start organizing them.


Take notes related to a project you are working on. Maybe you need a place to jot down your latest business idea? Correlate is the perfect place for you.


Tend to lose track of you daily tasks? Or maybe you looking for a place to connect files with your task lists? Create tasks lists to make sure things get done.


Working on projects today isn't limited to just files. There's so much great content out there on the web, and with Correlate you can easily bookmark it with a simple drag&drop.


Easy integrations.

Search across your work.


Search across cloud accounts.

Collaborate. Share.


Easy and flexible.

Customize. Personalize


Start getting work done.

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