Organizer software: 5 tools that will turn your life around

Our lives has become a complete and utter chaos that needs to be dealt with. If you push it aside and ignore it, you risk anxiety and the constant feeling of stress. Nobody wants that! Luckily, there’s plenty of tools made to help you organize your life better.

By Kristian Male

Published on April 18, 2018

Our everyday lives consist of everything from work, home-related tasks, personal activities and so much more. In total, there’s a long list of stuff that needs to be done on an average day. This does of course come with plenty of information that needs to be organized properly. On top of that we also tend to use multiple devices to consume this information.

Luckily, there’s a ton of SaaS applications out there engineered to help you with these problems. On January 17 this year, Popular Science published an article presenting 7 apps and tools to help organize your life. To build on this, we’ve hand-picked our own favorite cloud storage service for multi-device users, email inbox organizer, task manager, automation tool, and a tool to bring them all together.


Our favorite cloud storage service for file syncing across multiple devices. If you own and use a computer, smartphone, laptop, and/or tablet regularly, Dropbox is excellent for storing and working with files.

By downloading the mobile and desktop applications, Dropbox can easily replace all your individual hard drives. We’re talking documents, photos, and all other non-program related files necessary to run your computer or installed apps.

By storing files from multiple devices in one place, you can use any device to find one specific file. Finding files people shared with you becomes much easier as they are all stored in one single easily organized place.


We definitely agree with Popular Science on this one. It’s the simple and user-friendly tool to organize projects and every-day tasks. By creating a board in Trello, you can create multiple list with any kind of content you want. The whole tool is based on the concept of Kanban boards. Whether the boards contain a bunch of tasks that needs to be done or notes you’ve written down, it’s all up to you.

Because of it’s flexible functionality, Trello has been adopted by professionals and private users to solve many different problems. It’s a great way for project managers to set up task lists where the tasks are moved through different stages defined by yourself.


If you’re using Gmail, Sortd is a must-have application. It basically converts your Gmail inbox into a Kanban board, where you can move emails between different lists.

Sortd makes your inbox look very similar to a Trello Board. So if you’re familiar and happy with how a Kanban board looks, Sortd is definitely the tool to organize your Gmail inbox.

Don’t have any ideas for how you can start out with Sortd for Gmail? A suggestion from us is to have one list containing emails you haven’t addresses yet, one list of all emails you plan on answering another for active threads, and a last one with all completed conversations that you still think is important for you.


If This Then That can be a very powerful tool if used right. There’s a lot of possibilities in IFTTT, but it can become quite messy if you don’t stick to the actual necessary automations.

The limitations are almost non-existent for what you can automate. Creating relations between over 550 apps, small tasks can be done much quicker. Another cool things is that it’s possible to set reminders like a notification in your iOS calendar when a task needs to be done in Trello.

If you can’t find an automation, or applet as IFTTT calls it, in their directory, you can always create a new one from scratch. Although it’s important to know that you can’t add any new apps to their directory. You can only work with those who are available on their platform.


When using multiple cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Gmail, Correlate is the tool you should turn to when the information chaos takes over your life. In Correlate you can bookmark documents, photos, and other files stored in the cloud, bookmark websites and blogpost, or take notes and create checklists for anything.

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